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Let's Come to Bali North Part

The beautiful things in Bali is their atitude. Most of villager in Bali espesially in Bali North Part it's really opened to visitors and that's why as a guest you'll feel pleasant to stay there. To complete your holiday in Bali, it's really recommend to come in Ogi's house. What will you get there?

  • Knowing about Balinese traditional enviroment
  • Meet face to face and also you can interaction with the villagers
  • You'll get some traditional Balinese menu
  • You'll enjoy with the Balinese family and you'll feel like your home :)
  • You also can see the Balinese temple and knowing about some Big Temples in Bali

If you interest, let's come to Bali North Part and join with us! You can contact us by email : or booking by :


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Donating to Underprivileged People

In your trip at Bali north part with Ogi, you also can gave donation to underprivileged people. Because many of them need us to help their life. You can donate materials such as book, pencils, money, etc.
So when you have  a good holiday in Bali north part, you also can help people who need you. It's so fun and you can have more information about them.

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